training-cloudAccelerate your sales process

AddLogx accelerates your sales process and reduces your sales overhead. AddLogx is the most efficient way to enable software demos. Use AddLogx to build your virtual demos and create cloud-based proof of concepts without the investment in hardware.

Sales enablement in the cloud

  • AddLogx accelerates your sales process. Use AddLogx cloud sales demo software to build your online sales demos and develop proof of concept environments without the investment in hardware. Utilize AddLogx for an efficient, client-friendly sales process that proves your solution’s value from the start.

Accelerate your sales and reduce evaluation time with online demos and proof of concepts

  • Use AddLogx to efficiently create product demos and display your solution to your prospects. Invite clients to AddLogx’s proof of concept testing environment that ensures zero risk of customer error and provides a high-quality experience. Gain critical insights into the evaluation process.

Give your customers a real-time experience

  • AddLogx cloud-based demo capability enables you (whether you’re a technology vendor selling software, hardware, or appliances) to give prospective customers hands-on experience with your products early on in the sales process, and get a leg up on the competition.

Easily demonstrate a complete solution with differentiating features

  • Our platform replicates fully-functional complex IT environments in the cloud, enabling you to give everyone their own copy of the same base system with differentiating features in seconds, on demand, as needed.

Better experience and lower costs

  • There’s no new software to install, no infrastructure needed on site. Our cloud proof of concept platform provides your prospects with a real-time, collaborative, hands-on experience of your offerings – while reducing time and expenses.