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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Services

SDN has the potential to dramatically shake up the $40 billion networking market, leaving many organizations scrambling to stake a claim. AddLogx helps you navigate the SDN and NFV jungle with:

  • SDN and NFV market landscape and market forecast
  • SDN and NFV analyst services
  • SDN and NFV product and solution testing
What we do

As social, mobile and cloud adoption exhaust the capabilities of traditional IT approaches, software-driven business models help you tackle problems of efficiency, scale and innovation.

AddLogx provides innovative leadership, investment strategy and operating plans so you can successfully leverage your organization’s unique resources through software-defined networks, cloud or SaaS software platforms

Market Validation and Strategy Development

Cloud platforms and software-defined networking are so nimble compared to traditional networking models that coming up with product concepts can feel easy. The hard part lies in specifying the right product for the right market. AddLogx tests concepts against potential target markets, taking your ideas for potential markets and fleshing them out so you understand the markets’ key attributes and product requirements.

Product and Service Definition

AddLogx helps you detail the salient elements of product architecture and the design points that go into it. We narrow and define the minimally viable product requirements for:

  • Software-defined networks
  • Cloud platforms
  • SaaS software platforms, and
  • Specific applications running on platforms

We work closely with you to develop business justification, marketing direction, product design, and user story creation to speed the route to market and maximized profit.