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AddLogx’s Partner Lab is under development and now located in Metro Washington DC. It’s a facility for partner collaboration, where we test hybrid cloud designs and develop unique solutions for our partner and customers alike.

The facility is a customer showcase and demonstration facility where AddLogx cloud systems architects and engineers work with customer and partners to integrate and tune hardware and software defined networking solutions for there specific environments.

The Openstack and VMware vCloud, and Docker container ecosystem is growing fast, and as the options in hybrid cloud building grow, so does the task of ensuring interoperability between all the components, private and public clouds.

We are an Brocade technology and professional services partner. In the lab we’re focused on working with their SDN/NFV portfolio to include:

  • OpenFlow Controller 1.3 and 2.0
  • vRouter/Firewall
  • vTraffic Manager
  • vWeb Application Firewall
  • VDX Switches
We are an OpenDaylight supporting member.

And working with the Brocade OpenFlow v1.3 and 2.0 controllers.

We are Microsoft Azure partners.

And we’re focused on:

  • Integration with other cloud environments
  • VPC Connectivity to client datacenters
We are Amazon AWS partners

And we’re focused on…

  • VPC Integration with client owned datacenters
We are a Riverbed, technology and professional service partner.

We’re working with:

  • SteelCentral software or virtual appliances within a Software Defined Environment
  • Virtual Steelheads
We are a VMware technology alliance partner (TAP).

We’re focused on:

  • Virtual product bundles, delivered as a VMware appliance
  • Interesting vCloud and OpenStack solutions
  • Testing Docker and Photon containers within a VMware environment

We are a Netskope technology alliance partner.