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Software Defined Application Delivery

Data Centers are evolving, so should your application services

Data center environments are becoming highly virtualized and abstracted, driven by software defined architectures and services. One of the results of these changes is that organizations are rapidly transforming their data center infrastructure to accommodate rapid change and scale. While physical devices are still leveraged to run a data center, the services and intelligence are shifting to software-based, cloud solutions.

The Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager is a software-based, cloud-ready ADC that enables software defined data centers to deliver optimized and secure application services where and when they are needed. Stingray Traffic Manager helps organizations keep up with demand in a highly virtualized and dynamic environments without having to deploy or redeploy physical assets. As organizations continue to deploy innovative application architectures and leverage hybrid cloud environments, Riverbed Stingray’s ability to easily deploy and provide critical application services will ensure SLAs are met, security policies are enforced, and end-user  experiences are optimized.

Recently introduced, the Stingray Services Controller enables customers to deliver an ADC as a Service (ADCaaS). The ADCaaS allows customers to automatically provision, deploy, license, meter and manage the inventory of thousands of ADCs in a dynamic and elastic application delivery infrastructure.

Riverbed Stingray delivers:

  • Reduction in provisioning time: from weeks to immediate
  • 50% Savings: Elastic, right-sized ADCs
  • Better user experience: Per-app tuning, Multi-tenancy
  • Better security and performance: Isolation & scale

Stingray Content Delivery Cloud

A Faster, More Flexible Alternative to CDN

The Riverbed® StingrayTM Content Delivery Cloud is a platform for the delivery of content to end-users in a fast, cost effective and efficient manner.

Rather than taking the CDN approach of having a dedicated global network of servers deployed to deliver content to clients, the Stingray CDC utilizes a public or private cloud infrastructure to establish the global or regional points of presence that provide a better user experience for the delivery of a company’s content. This can be accomplished without the utilization of dedicated caching servers or complex infrastructures. Unlike established offerings from traditional CDN providers, the Stingray CDC approach provides full visibility and control of application distribution at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, this solution is affordable, scalable and fully customizable.

Stingray Traffic Manager in the Cloud

Why the cloud needs a software ADC

The Cloud offers companies greater flexibility, scalability and cost control than other IT infrastructures. A software Application Delivery Controller like Stingray Traffic Manager, with its form factor, provides the same advantages.

The Stingray advantages in the Cloud

STM Cloud overview

Stingray Traffic Manager – the software ADC

Unlike legacy ADCs, Stingray Traffic Manager is software-based. It’s been architected from ground up for virtualization and to enable Cloud users to easily integrate Stingray ADCs into their environments more effectively and flexibly. It also gives developers and operational teams the ability to capitalize on the ADC’s strategic location in multi-tier applications to enable greater control of the user experience.

Stingray advantages

Many Cloud providers offer a basic load balancer, sometimes an open source product, which will enable you to provide a degree of fault tolerance in your infrastructure.

Stingray Traffic Manager is an Enterprise class ADC that you can use on a pay-as-you-go basis through many Public Cloud Service Provider environments, offering a rich set of layer 7 services for your application delivery needs that far exceed basic load balancing:


Application owners look at ADCs as a key control point for a distributed application because they see every single user request and response. However, if the ADC isn’t dynamic and flexible like the application itself, the application owner is essentially developing with one hand tied behind his back.

Layer 7 intelligence:

A Layer 7 ADC allows for application level operations and optimizations. It can make decisions based on the application, the user, a given page, a particular kind of response, and much more. It can even change the behaviour of the application if necessary. With deep application level intelligence, ADCs can protect advanced threats to security, including SQL injection attacks, cross-side scripting (XSS) attacks, and denial-of-service threats.

Improved user experience:

Software ADCs do more than boost efficiency: they go further to ensure that users have a fast, reliable experience. They tap into the application content and, through automated web content optimization (WCO), deliver it fast and consistently every time. This allows ADCs to give users a better experience by reacting to browser platform, user requirements, and even user location and other characteristics.

Developer support:

Imagine your developers running a software ADC in their own development environments. At their fingertips, they’d have Layer 7 functionality, scale, offload, content optimization, and security components all built into one toolset. They’d be able integrate and test apps while running the ADC has part of the application stack. Your developers can easily use the ADC when it’s best suited for the job. And best of all, they can do it for free with Stingray Developer Edition.

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