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Software-defined networking represents what is probably the biggest change in networking in the last 25 years. It’s still early in its lifecycle, though, and most organizations have yet to roll out a production-ready SDN system. According to Gary Denman, a senior director with Brocade, there are still several myths and misconceptions about SDN.

The naysayers Denman noted in a contributed article to Business Spectator seem to be a lot fewer than they were a couple of years ago, but some of the myths persist. Here are the top four misconceptions about SDN, as Denman sees them:

  1. SDN isn’t designed for small data centers. Although there’s some belief that SDN is best suited (or only suited) to large-scale data centers, Denman indicated the myth persists because large cloud providers have been the first to adopt SDN technologies. But according to Denman, SDN’s benefits extend from the largest data centers in the world right on down to smaller enterprise data centers.


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